Sennheiser pop-up store NYC

This week, we’ve been in New York and had the privilege of seeing Sennheiser, makers of high-end audio equipment open their first ever pop-up…


8-bit Art by Adam Lister

The excellent artist Adam Lister has for years explored the complex relationship between culture and art history. But what makes him different from other…


John & Wolf

The stories, maxims and adages that espouse the virtues of man and his dog, we thought that there was little room for any more…


Swedish Sans

The Scandinavians know a thing or two about design. Just a few weeks ago, Norway unveiled what is probably the best looking passport ever….


Postcards from Chernobyl

The name Chernobyl has become etched into history as a by-word for man’s ability to harness the atom, but also to be nearly destroyed…


The Pantone Hotel

The “world-renowned authority on color,” Pantone has taken its famous color matching system and gone several steps further with this 59-room retreat in Brussels….


Thanksgiving Art

It’s Thanksgiving. Which means, America, and come to think of it, the entire internet has either a) shut down or b) is searching frantically…


The Ultimate Data Dog

What is the ultimate dog? Well, that’s a hugely subjective term. Some prefer the intelligence of a Collie, while others prefer the wheezing, staggering…


Salvador Dali Cookbook

Today cookery books dominate the shelves of both bookshops and our homes. Looking at the Apowl library, we count at least 30 that help…

Carli Davidson Pet Photography

Shake by Carli Davidson

Carl Davidson is an international recognised award winning photographer and an experienced animal trainer and caretaker. As we’ve covered before here at Apowl, she’s…

Drinks by the Dram Launches Four Advent Calendars for 2014

Tequila Advent Calendar

The advent calendar started when German Protestants made chalk marks on doors or lit candles to count the days leading up to Christmas. The…